Call to the Australian federal government to take urgent action to assist and support the communities affected by the war in Sudan

We are immensely grateful to the Albanese government on expediting the evacuation of the Sudanese and South Sudanese Australians who were caught up in the current conflict in Sudan. We would also like to acknowledge the recently announced humanitarian assistance in response to the conflict.

However, there is still more work to be done.

Everyone would have heard about the heart breaking situation with the war in Sudan. Together with the South Sudanese Australian Academic Society and Allies in Colour, we have written a letter which will be sent out to numerous Federal and State ministers and also to minister of foreign affairs Penny Wong.

We urgently need community organisations to get behind the call for this immediate action by government and endorse this letter so as to make sure our call is taken seriously.

We have attached the following letter and would appreciate community leaders from multicultural organisations to please make haste and join our call.

Please email for those wanting to not just stand with our Sudanese and South Sudanese communities but want to take real action.