Australia’s first, Political Digital Strategy and Campaigning Platform

We aren’t just your standard political consultants who charge you an arm and a leg to merely tell you what to do. We get deep in the trenches with you and help you strategise and run your campaign for maximum impact. We are made up of a multi-ethnic team of political obsessionists with expertise in war room strategies, innovation, technology, digital media, voter engagement, reputation management, design and much more. Learn more about who we’ve worked with below.

Our Political Digital Strategy and Campaigning Services

Website Design and Branding

Political website design has a very specific goal: presenting your values and representing your political promises through deliberate imagery and design choices. Nothing on your webpage should be accidental. 

Social Media

Social media really just makes it easier for politicians to find, listen to, and engage with their supporters during their election campaigns. You can’t wage a successful campaign without leveraging social networking tools such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Digital Fundraising

As your campaign grows, you’ll need to attract a constant stream of donors and volunteers. Digital fundraising has become an integral part of political campaigns at every level. Soliciting donations online is a great way to reach small-dollar individual donors who may not give large contributions, but often give repeatedly over the course of a campaign

Digital Reputation and Defense

Having a strong online reputation defense in place might seem unnecessary. But the truth is that a positive online reputation can make the difference between your political campaign becoming a success or a nightmare for you and your supporters.

Media Training

To be a successful political candidate you’ll need to know how to deal with the media, and be able to engage voters. With our media training you will learn how to speak to voters through speeches, presentations, debates and media interviews.

Amplify Your Voice – Videos and Podcasts

Do you want to amplify your voice with media? Whether it’s doing a video, a podcast or setting you up for interviews with media outlets, we’ve got you covered.

Community Building and Gamification

We can help modern-day progressives drive engagement with our unique gamification solutions and community-building expertise

Workshops and Masterclasses

Via the Centre of Multicultural Political Engagement, Literacy, and Leadership, we offer political candidate workshops as well as customised masterclasses to get you up to speed with the political ecosystem

Who We’ve Worked With