Our People and Advisors

Founder, CEO – Tharini Rouwette

Over the last decade, prior to forming her organisation, Tharini volunteered her time and energy campaigning on various marginalised community causes. Impacting a small group of people was no longer satisfactory for her and hence she wanted to do something more effective that would positively affect the lives of larger groups of marginalised communities in Australia. This is why she formed Allies in Colour.

Having arrived here as an international student decades ago and later working as a professional under a labour hire agreement, Tharini has witnessed first hand all the ways in which our vulnerable communities are being exploited and discriminated against and how systemic barriers and negligence has led to culturally and racially marginalised (CARM) communities being unable to progress in Australia.

Tharini is a daughter of migrant South Asian parents who sought a better life by travelling on a long treacherous boat journey, working as a coolie (low-wage porters) and later becoming entrepreneurs. She understands that her life of privilege was off the back of back-breaking migrant labour and hence, she will always prioritise the needs our most vulnerable communities. Tharini is always identifying ways to improve outcomes for multicultural Australia through brave and innovative ideas.

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